Monday, March 31, 2008

Tinnitus Treatment and Therapy FAQ

Tinnitus. If you have been looking for a tinnitus cure, tinnitus treatment or therapy, you've obviously arrived here to determine what works and what is not likely to work.
Beware of anyone touting a singular and/or literal "instant" cure for tinnitus because those situations (where tinnitus remits quickly) are not the norm. The good news is that people who suffer from even the most serious tinnitus can dramatically improve. Many will achieve remission.

If you want to know how important the cause of your tinnitus is to the process of tinnitus reduction or remission, that will be addressed below as well. (The correct spelling for tinnitus is not tinnitis, tinitis or tinitus).

What follows are common questions (some have been paraphrased or edited, especially those that come from international readers) I have received in the mail and by e-mail from thousands of people over the past decade. I think you already know that this FAQ is not to be taken as medical advice. Please see your medical doctor for medical care!
Everything in this FAQ assumes you have moderate to severe tinnitus. Therapy for non-intrusive (not bothersome) tinnitus that is mild to moderate is different than what is considered here.

1. Can I get cured from tinnitus too?

It depends on what you mean by cured. In my experience, if cure means "silent," near silent or significantly improved, then yes, almost everyone can improve greatly. Some people do achieve silence. Some won't. It's tough to know in advance who. There are factors to help predict silence, but I still get surprised as people improve drmatically when I thought they might only improve a little, even with time.
Silence for you? Maybe. About 1/3 of my long term clients have reported tinnitus remission as of now. Usually a lot of work goes into these kinds of results. (Medical doctor invested in the patient, a therapist invested with the patient... etc.) 100% noise elimination/remission is certain for some people. As time goes on and strategies/therapy is more refined, the percentage of clients reporting silence at similar time intervals in the past is slowly growing.

2. How did you get better?

Medication, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, habituation, self hypnosis, ginkgo, wearing a splint for my TMJ, and major lifestyle changes. This is covered in detail in the book which was just released in it's third edition. For the first time in 9 years I have completely revised it with a co-author who has agreed to share some simple case studies.
Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down
I didn't always have a handle on tinnitus. I did an awful lot of things that didn't work...tens of thousands of dollars of things that didn't work.

More FAQ's coming very soon!

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