Thursday, April 03, 2008

Tinnitus Treatment and Therapy FAQ

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· Can hypnosis cure my tinnitus?

Hypnosis with the tinnitus skilled therapist (5 in the USA?) in conjunction with a well designed management and reduction program just might do that, but hypnotherapy isn't magic. Most people associate hypnosis with "relaxation," or "suggestion."

Forget it. You're going to relax with 80 db going off in your head?

If that is proposed or purported, go elsewhere. And certainly don't see someone because "they are local." In the United States, to my knowledge, only Ron Stubbs (WA), Jennifer Battaglino (NY) and Bob Bayliss (TN) are successfully working with people to this point. These guys (and Jennifer) have a proven, rock solid track record. A few others who knew what they were doing became overwhelmed and burnt out. Therapists (doctors, husbands and wives...) aren't trained for tinnitus. (Who is?) Sometimes people who do hypnotherapy for a living think that hypnosis will magically turn down noise, today...Rarely, does it work that way.

Unfortunately most therapists (of any kind) have no significant experience in helping people with tinnitus short or long term. (One session of suggestion based hypnosis is like taking one Xanax. It will do almost nothing.)

The Good News: There are studies that have been duplicated several times that note that over 69% of people using (long term) well designed self hypnosis programming experience long term significant reduction in tinnitus volume. I took that research and first stubbornly used it to help myself get well, then made available to the public just such a program. (After 11 years I just expanded this program as well.)

But why would we only utilize one modality? Whenever possible, think multi-modal. If self hypnosis is of interest to you, yes, I did create The Tinnitus Reduction Program and there is info at the bottom of the FAQ.

Special Note: You don't need to be a guinea pig to test anyone's treatment method. If you do single track therapy you will come to me in two years telling me how much you regret it. I hear this...every day.

· Do you recommend a combination of Neurontin and Klonopin for Tinnitus?

It appears that Neurontin combined with a benzodizapene will help the majority of people with tinnitus. Abraham Shulman conducted a study with good follow up that had decent results. And when it comes to research, I trust everything he publishes. My belief is that some dosage of Neurontin combined with a low dose of Klonopin perhaps (0.25-0.5 mg three times per day) might cause significant improvement in the majority of people who suffer.

Whether the results will be as good as those of Xanax alone I certainly don't know. I have had clients report positive and negative results. If Xanax didn't have the desired outcome after say, six months, I probably would be very supportive of this regime as a back up plan in the realm of medication for treatment.

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