Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tinnitus FAQ's

  • What about biofeedback and relaxation techniques?

Biofeedback is a subfield of hypnosis. Who relaxes or can relax when you have severe tinnitus?? I certainly couldn't. Most of my clients can't. Biofeedback is useful in stress reduction and there is evidence that shows that biofeedback, while less effective than hypnosis, is more effective than Elavil in tinnitus reduction. For people with mild to moderate tinnitus, relaxation oriented self hypnosis is very helpful. Most people with severe tinnitus can't come close to relaxing which is why I developed the Tinnitus Reduction Program. (See below for details.)

  • What about acupuncture?

Not proven to help. (Though good for headaches according to recent research.)

  • What about other herbs?

Not proven to help. Save your money.

  • # What about vitamins and minerals?

Magnesium and zinc may help people deficient in these areas. Calcium might help. (It helps a lot of things believe it or not!) There is some reason to believe that B-Vitamins can help us cope with stress better. For most: Highly over rated, very expensive, and very likely won't help.

  • # What about ear drops, and all of the remedies sold on the internet?

You mean the scams? They are ALL scams. Want a list of tinnitus scams? Type in tinnitus at google and look at the right hand column. All but two that I looked at today were a rip off. PLEASE save your money. If they have a remedy, they must have a double blind placebo study. Ask for it. (It doesn't exist.) Don't ask for testimonials. Ask for a double blind placebo study performed by an independent group. Again, there are none. Period.

  • # What about chiropractic?

Maybe...For tinnitus, I would advise you to see a Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)

  • # What about psychotherapists?

Same as hypnotherapists. Most are great people that just don't have the laser beam specialized knowledge to help tinnitus sufferers.

  • What about medical doctors?

Most are just not knowledgeable about how to help tinnitus sufferers. I can't tell you how many times I've read a letter from a physician stating that the patient's tinnitus has no medical basis and therefore, there is "nothing more I can do". This is all preposterous. The medical doctor is one signature away from most people being 1/2 as loud in 90 days. There are MANY medications that can help you. Your medical doctor isn't obligated to work with you and you aren't married to your medical doctor. Become a proponent of getting well and seek the help of those who will help you. (Ask your doctor to stop off here for 10 minutes! Good doctors will take the time for you.

If you don't like your therapist or doctor, dump them. You need someone who will help you long term. Tinnitus isn't a sore throat or an ear ache. It's work. If they help you, keep them. Your M.D. should be knowledgable, willing to learn FROM YOU... what you are learning and that you are willing to perform some trial and error. Treating tinnitus isn't just science. There's quite a bit of artistry in the long term process. It isn't just hypnosis or Xanax or TRT. It's a long term relationship in a lot of most cases.

  • # Jack Vernon of the ATA told you agree?

Jack Vernon is the person who talked with me 13 years ago. Jack and I have spoken only that one time. Jack is very knowledgable about tinnitus. His approach is somewhat different in some respects. In others, we are very similar. If you have talked with Jack, follow his recommendations... Great human being.
  • I've been thinking about suicide.

If a person has severe tinnitus and is suicidal, they should see a psychiatrist or medical doctor, get treated both therapeutically and pharmacologically, then call me after the above criteria have been met. This is my most common client. I've been where you are. It stinks. Remember: You will improve if you do those things that lead to improvement.

  • How did you come to know so much about tinnitus when the rest of the world seems lost?

I had severe tinnitus for 2.5 years, finally figured how to get better with the unwavering assistance of Chris Coleman, Director of Hope for Hearing in California and others...Today I have no tinnitus. (I only do therapeutic consultation work with people who have tinnitus, and those consultations are coming to an end.)

My LONG TERM experience from beginning to elimination or substantial reduction with tinnitus sufferers is second to only a very few: I work with some of the most severe cases of tinnitus sufferers in the United States.

  • Why write the book?

It's not possible to answer 20-30 e-mails and letters per day any more. Now someone can go to and for next to nothing get the basic answers I would give. Please, read the book first, then e-mail. Your questions will be much more fine tuned after reading the book. (You're going to waste $10,000 on scam approaches if you haven't already, please, spend $20 or go to the library for heaven's sake.)
  • Do you hate getting all the e-mails?

No, I hate not being able to help and answer everyone personally. I spend 1-2 hours daily corresponding with whoever I can get to in the email box. It is not possible to do more, so forgive brevity if I can respond to you. People aren’t "bothering me." I do get down because I am not a non-profit organization with a staff of people to answer all the inquiries. Sometimes it makes literally me cry when I have to choose between my kids and my e-mail. I will always help but you need to be patient. Please do read the book and begin your self therapy as soon as possible.

  • How can I get a copy of your book Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down?

You can go to Tinnitus: Turning the Volume Down (Revised & Expanded)

If you'd like to read an excerpt from the book, click HERE