Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tinnitus Treatment and Therapy FAQ

· How does someone become a client of yours?

You can try and get a teleconsult with me (or someone I have complete confidence in) to put you on track. Set up a teleconsult (email me, please don't call). Sometimes this 90 minutes is what someone needs to get the information and right approach that will change the rest of their life. I look at where you have been, are and what you can do now, and with who. In some cases I'll do a follow up or two with someone if necessary. Specifics that you can't get in a FAQ. I've trained a protege whose results are essentially equal to my track record. In all likelihood, I will encourage you to speak with her in a teleconsult.

· What do you think of masking therapy?

It's fine....I suggest the "habituation" approach in constrast to "masking". There are days when masking is very attractive but on whole, habituation is probably a better route in my opinion.

· What do you think of vinpocetine for tinnitus reduction?

Possible. Certainly not necessary to go this route prior to the work we will do, but it is an option. There are no studies but I have had some positive anecdotal reports from clients.

· What do you think of the Zoloft study where everyone improved and many had remission from just Zoloft?

12 years ago I began to encourage people to look at Zoloft. In the medical community no one paid attention...not for a DECADE. THEN they started to figure it out... It's a logical choice because of it's anti-obsessional, anti depressive, and slight anti-anxiety effects. When the study showed everyone improved, I had no explanation, as that is very rare indeed. My personal experience with my clients with SSRI's in general and Effexor has been excellent.

· What do you think of habituation for tinnitus and hyperacusis?

Habituation means, that the tinnitus no longer bothers you in any way. Remission, if it's going to happen will happen AFTER habituation.

Habituation is an obvious necessity for EVERY person that has tinnitus. My definition of habituation might be different than others though. People who fail in TRT habituation that come to see me failed because they shockingly didn't like another sound of tinnitus in their ears/head. There are a lot more ways to habituate tinnitus than with a pair of Starkey’s.

Pleasant classical music, environmental sounds and babbling brooks pumped into my head 24 hours a day for two years did me a world of good. That’s where I suggest everyone start, except those who can’t wear headphones for various reasons. And please don't think other kinds of auditory stimulus won't help, they will. My experience simply has been best with what I've noted above.

The vast majority of people won't need more than an iPod to habituate.

Habituation is more difficult but by no means impossible when the person has hyperacusis. Hyperacusis is VERY beatable. Most people recover with little sensitivity later. Interesting, though hyperacusis starts as more difficult to deal with (from my point of view as consultant), it tends to yield first!

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